Mission Statement

The mission of the Adult Charter School Knowledge Center is to provide knowledge, research, and education about adult-serving charter schools to charter schools, charter authorizers, regulators, legislators, and the public at large.

Vision Statement

Our vision is of a future where effective adult-serving charter schools are an integral part of the U.S. education system and beyond.

Organizational Values

Adult-Serving Charter Schools must be Effective, including Cost Effective

It is in the long-term interest of adult-serving charter schools to ensure that they are effective in providing adult education, that has both monetary and non-monetary value to society. If an adult-serving charter school is not being sufficiently effective in providing value to society, then it should either change its method of operation or shut down.

The Knowledge Center supports and advocates only for adult-serving charter schools that are effective.

Different Types of Systems Work Better or Worse in Different Contexts

The Knowledge Center is pragmatic in its approach to supporting adult education. It recognizes that with different times and circumstances cooperation, competition, and co-opetition may all have a place.

The Knowledge Center does not blindly support adult-serving charter schools as always being the best answer, but analyzes the context of education for a specific jurisdiction to determine what it supports.

The Roles of Adult Charter Schools, Authorizers and Regulators are All Valued

There does not need to be inherent contention between adult-serving charter schools, their authorizers, and regulatory bodies. While it is important that appropriate distance is kept between these entities, to ensure that the oversight role of authorizers and regulators is properly maintained; it is still possible for these groups to work cooperatively with each other with less contention than charter schools for children.

The Knowledge Center works to equally support adult-serving charter schools, authorizers, and regulators.

Motives of Excess Profit or Power have no Place in Education

While money can be an appropriate motivator that within a properly-formed system can be of benefit to the system as a whole, but outright greed erodes at the overall effectiveness of a system if it is placed at a higher value than having an effective education system. Further, conflicts of interest, and corruption of politicians breeds wasted resources and bad decisions, and have no place in any public charter school, including adult-serving charter schools.

The Knowledge Center supports non-profit adult-serving charter schools, and decries political corruption.